My thoughts for SEO in 2018 and beyond…

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Thoughts for SEO in 2018 and Beyond

Us SEO’s have a habit of screwing things up.

In the early days, there was keyword stuffing, cloaking, meta keywords, and lots of other ways to easily get a website to show up well in Google even for something completely unrelated to your offering. It was the wild west.

Look, Google employs some of the best and brightest in the world. Eventually, they were bound to cotton on and begin to tighten things up.

Back when I started in the SEO game, Google Page Rank was something that would pop up frequently. People would go rabid over improving their page rank or obtaining shady links from other high PR sites. There were directory links, where you could obtain 100’s of links for just a few hundred bucks. Did it work? Yeah for a while. But again, Google came along and put a stop to that.

There were techniques I was taught, that back in the day worked, so we used them, but then boom, Google scoops you up in their net and it’s a bastard to get out. But as I have found out a couple of times, is possible, but a royal pain in the butt. And most often, it’s best to just start fresh.

Fact is SEO’s are always going to try to figure out what works well, and what not so much. See this for example.

So what does the future hold for 2018?

My thoughts…

  • Content will gain importance. Long-form content, that is well written, easy to read, that fixes a pain point, that encourages people to stay on your site, have a look around, and hopefully become a customer.
  • Manipulating links for SEO gain will become less important. I feel Google will begin to add more weight to the sites that you are linking out to from your website and use external links more for discovering your site and content, and less for authority.
  • Things like having a mobile-friendly design, that is easy to read, and fast to load, that uses latest technologies such as AMP will begin to see a boost in rankings.

Anyways, who wouldn’t love a crystal ball. Right, lots to do. Must dash. Would love to hear your thoughts. Stick a comment below.

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